TM Online Guard update failure - updated

Dear Customers,
Online Guard Plus has occurred an error after installing Microsoft Updates KB2949927, KB3004394 and KB3033929.

For troubleshooting, please uninstall and fix follow by below instructions.

+ Affected OS environment
     - Windows 7
     - Microsoft Windows Update files 'KB2949927 / KB3033929 / KB3004394' items installed PC
     * How to Check: Click Start, click Control Panel, click Programs and Features, and then click View installed updates.

+ Resolution
     - KB3033929 Uninstall Guide
     - KB2949927 Uninstall Guide
     - KB3004394 Fix Guide

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  • Program   TM Online Guard
  • File Size   (32/64bit - 96.2MB)
  • Version   14.0.1400
  • Last Update   2015-08-07
  • System Requirements
        - O/S : Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP (32bit,64bit)

Are you changing your PC and need to reinstall the application into the new PC?

  • In case you have changed the PC, please uninstall the application from existing PC
  • You need to remove existing installed PC information from `Manage Installed PC` menu for new PC use
  • When you installed TM Online Guard Plus in new PC, this will automatically registered in your installed PC list

If you want to purchase additional license(s), please visit nearest TM Point or choose online selfcare portal at (UniFi Customer) or (Streamyx Customer).
For the detail of packages & price, please click here.